Hope Boggs-Meek
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Memorial Candles
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Odette Kima lit a candle on 09/11/2010: "Dear Hope Meek , You are loved very much ! Justice will be done and the truth will be known ! stay stong ,never give up!"
Justice Someday lit a candle on 08/24/2010: "...Strange how Jerry has never lit a candle or left a message here. Hmmm,makes you wonder"
Erin Joy lit a candle on 06/07/2010: "Hope we are still thinking about you everyday & hope you are found. His day is coming & 1 day will get what he deserves!"
Donna Bibbee lit a candle on 05/17/2010: "Hopey I think about you everyday and say a prayer for you and your family...There will be justice for you."
Kimberly Carpenter lit a candle on 05/03/2010: "Hope that justice get served, you are loved and missed very much"
Violet Hall lit a candle on 04/21/2010: "I never had a chance to know you, but from what i've read your loved & missed by many...may the lord watch over you."
Uncle Tubby lit a candle on 02/26/2010: "miss u hope"
MaryJane lit a candle on 02/21/2010: "This is the 8 yr anniversary since you've been gone.We are so sad and miss you everyday.i love n miss u sissy!!"
Sheila Walker lit a candle on 02/21/2010: "On this, the anniversary of your disappearance, I miss you so much.I pray daily that you will be found.Luv you so..Momma"
Auntdiane Boggs lit a candle on 01/31/2010: "love and miss you. wish we could find answers as to what happened to you."
Friend Of Hope lit a candle on 01/28/2010: "Only Mr. Meek Knows the whereabouts of Hope. Ur days r numbered Mr. Meek. U wil confess @ my hand."
MARYJANE HOPE'S SISTER lit a candle on 01/26/2010: "today is ur birthday and i miss ya so much.wish you were here with us.i love ya and miss ya hopey.love ya sissy"
Tracey Reitterer lit a candle on 01/14/2010: "Prayers to Hope & her family, that one day they get the answers & justice they deserve."
Kendra Smith lit a candle on 01/03/2010: "so sad and tragic. everything points to husband. what spineless bastard wouldnt be searching for his wife? god be with u"
Kelly lit a candle on 12/30/2009: "just read ur story! lighting a candle hoping u are found safe and sound!"
Janessa Amber lit a candle on 12/20/2009: "GOd Bless you hope, I pray that you will be found soon."
Cassandra lit a candle on 11/15/2009: "Remembering Hope today. "Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about." Prayers for all."
Opal Joy lit a candle on 11/07/2009: "Hope, Just wanted to let you know we miss you love you so.Love Aunt Opal and uncle tubby"
Christopher Strickland lit a candle on 11/06/2009: "Thinking of you always..."
Jodi Montgomery lit a candle on 10/01/2009: "I met your sister after your disappearance, she is a great, lady who misses you.wish i had known you,ur a wonderful lad"
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