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This site is for Hope Danielle Boggs Meek, who disappeared from her home in Valliant Oklahoma on February.21,2002. Hope disappeared under suspicious circumstances and foul play is supsected on the part of her husband Jerry Meek, who not only is the last person to see her, but has been proven to have been abusing her for quite a few years. Hope is not only a very loved and cherished mother, but sister, daughter, aunt, great aunt, grand daughter, niece and friend.

When Hope disappeared, she was not only a mother and houswife, she was working as a jailer for the McCurtain County sheriff's department escorting inmates from their cells to court appearances and was soon to graduate college with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Law. She was a very dedicted mother, not leaving her children except for going to work and school. She sometimes would even take Little Clea to school with her. When she disappeared, her children were only 6 years old, 3 years old and 10 months old.

The lastnight anybody heard from Hope was the evening of February.20,2002 when Hope told a family memeber that Jerry had yet again put his hands on her and hurt her badly. This had been happening more and more in thier marriage, to the point that Hope had moved out with the children a few months prior, but had went back to her husband a month before her disappearance.

Before Hope disappeared, she stayed in very close contact with her mother and older sister. She would talk to her mother at least 4 to 5 times a day and to her sister at least 4 times a week. When they did not hear from her, they called the police department on February.24,2002 to have them do a weel being check on Hope. When the officers went to the family home, Jerry told them Hope just left 5 to 10 minutes befor eto go to the store, but both the vehicles sat in front of the house. The officers did not go back, although protocol states they are to go back until they actually see and speak to the person. Then on February.26, 2002 Jerry called Hope's mother's house and spoke to her sister. Her sister flipped on him. She confronted him with the abuse and his comment was that if she called that abuse, then she was as stupid as her sister was. As stupid as her sister was, not is. They then called the sheriff's department to report Hope missing. When the officer's went to speak to Jerry, he already had a statement written out. He then told them he had not seen Hope since the previous Thursday, February.21,2002. He changed his story.

When the investigators tried to interview Jerry, he automatically lawyered up. He will not talk to investigators, he will not cooperate and has even tried to divorce Hope within 15 days of her disappearance. Then Hope's ex husband wanted their daughter (hope's oldest) to be with her mother and father since he was stationed over seas in the Air Force. Hope and him had joint custody and he signed all the papers giving Hope's mother custody of Jamie. But Jerry fought her in court and won. He not only got custody of the oldest of Hope's oldest child to her ex husband. He also recieved custody of his two children with Hope. Hope's mother and father were given visitation, but Jerry has refused them seeing the chidlren for 4 years now.

He then ended up with a girlfriend who was Hope's daycare provider, who is now a teacher for an elementary scool. He has let her have say that the grandparents are not seeing the children. Everytime they have called to make the arrangments to get the children, she says Jerry will call them back, but he never does. They call all summer and get no answer, then get Jerry or his girlfriend on the phone after school starts back in the fall.

Hope would never let her children, sinc ethey were her life. She also would never leave her mother or sister. They have always been very close. Hope finally confided in them that Jerry was abusing her, people she went to school with knew it too and tried to help her.

There have been many fliers handed out, searches and more, including through a national missing person's organization. Hope has many people trying to help her family get answers and her get justice, for they all know there is foul play in this case. Hope would never leave her children or her family on her own. When she disappeared, all she had was at the house. Her eye glasses, contacts, cell phone, credit cards, bank books, keys, truck and more were at the house. Jerry says the night of Hope's disappearance he told the children camping, but that it was too cold so he took the children home. Who would take the children camping in that part of the country in the middle of the winter, especially a 6 year old, 3 year old and 10 month old.......Total lies right!!

Please...if anybody knows anything please contact us through this site, or you can call the investigator, CHAD DANSBY, with the Oklahoma Bureau State of Investigations at 580-286-4438. You can remain anonymous, but please give the family answers, give the children answers!!


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MISSING YOU   / MaryJane (Only sister n bestfriend )
Just passing through and thought I'd share...   / Chris Strickland (Friend)
Hope Meek was a great friend of mine and my ex-wife, Angela.  She was Angela's best friend around the time she came up missing.  We miss her very much and hope there is closure for family and friends one day soon.

I miss her very...  Continue >>
My Bestfriend   / Angel (Sister)
My baby sister has always been my bestfriend
She has always been there for me
And though she is younger than me
I have looked up to her in many ways
She has been such a wonderful person
Always caring about everyone else
...  Continue >>
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june 2012  / Maryjane (hope's only sister )    Read >>
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Deepest Sympathies  / Donald Ray (none)    Read >>
concerned from a young age  / Kyla Roberts-Harvey (none)    Read >>
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